Olive Green Checkered Mask with Tie Dye Reversible Side

  • Olive Green Checkered Mask with Tie Dye Reversible Side
  • Olive Green Checkered Mask with Tie Dye Reversible Side

Olive green checkered mask with tie dye reversible side

100% cotton
elastic strap w/ cord adjusters to fit all sizes
reversible and reusable

NOTE: This mask in non surgical/ non medical mask. Use it just as a precaution.

Part of the proceeds from this mask will be donated to Black Excellence Collective’s Black Trans Lives Matter Youth Fund

“ In 2015 Joshua Allen and CeCe McDonald came together to form the Black Excellence Collective. A grassroots organizing collective for and by Black trans/queer youth to organize for our collective liberation using art, direct action & political education.

For 5 years we have operated as a volunteer collective. We've organized rally's and vigils to uplift trans and gender non conforming folks lost to state or interpersonal violence. Hosted countless workshops and trainings to educate our community. And coordinated direct support to folks experiencing housing/food insecurity, incarceration and immigration detention. We have done all of this work without exceeding a budget of $50,000 a year.

Now we find ourselves called to rise up and take action like never before. Our Black trans and queer communities have been disproportionately impacted by the issues that are ravaging our society today. Racism, transphobia, COVID-19, rising rates of unemployment and job loss, housing insecurity, police and interpersonal violence and so much more.

We are asking for your help to make a major investment in our youth led, Black trans/queer organizing work that is vital to the health and well being of our communities. We are raising $100,000 so that we can stand up and fight back! We aim to expand our mutual aid work, coordinate direct actions that center and uplift Black trans lives, to increase our educational capacity to train the next generation of youth activists, and increase our support for incarcerated trans folks fighting to survive in U.S prisons, jails & detention centers. “

To directly donate to this fund and find out more information please visit


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